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Piers and Sherrie in Cenarth, WalesAs with many of our fellow citizens, we love to walk, take in the breath taking scenery whilst exploring our beautiful countryside, in the hope we might stumble into (and out of) a good old public house.

That good old British sense of adventure, the stiff upper lip in adversity, best foot forward and all that, but of course without the stigma of pomp & ceremony. Boots on, bags packed and dog in toe (when it suits her).

Whilst that might be a little fun at the expense of history, we actually enjoy taking vacations in and around the British Isles with a focus to explore and ramble through the countryside. Neither my wife nor I are fans of spending our spare time sprawled out on beach on slow-burn, subjecting ourselves to shopping malls or the hustle and bustle of tourist hotspots.

Finding those perfect moments, vista’s and the well-being after a good walk

When we first met, we tried the whole hang out at the beach vacation or that insane rush to get your towels on the sun lounger by the hotel pool, but all too soon, we both were either bored with the fairly stagnant routine and the lack of adventure.

Since then, we decided that when we go on holiday we’ll pick a spot “almost” untouched by tourists (if there is such a thing) and find all the best locations up and down the country to ramble on through. Some of our favourite locations have been admittedly in Devon and Cornwall, but we are keen to seek out all of the best walking holidays the UK has to offer.

Why we’re interesting in sharing our the trials & tribulations of our walking holidays

As with everything in life we all know its trial and error, sometimes a total c*ckup! Whilst we are fans on a great deal of the walking guidebooks as inspiration, we would say that they are not quite as accurate as you might expect.

If you’re looking for a great walking holiday, whether it’s with friends, your kids, grand children or any other family member, then we would like to share some of the high’s and low’s we have found on our adventures. Of course some of the walks are easy peasy, but some are considerably more challenging than we are led to believe. Problem being, is that you don’t know the authors fitness levels, or if they attempted the walks at an army style pace, or whether or not they stopped to take breaks to capture scenic photographs.

Not that we’re officially diagnosed with “cow-phobia” during calving season, but taking your dog with you can add all sorts of additional safety considerations on what seems to be a relaxing stroll through a field. We have had a few challenging experiences with our bovine friends not taking a liking to our little dog, despite all efforts to keep her out sight where possible.

These are some of issues we’ve found on our walking holidays, which I plan to cover in more detail at UK Walking Holidays Explored.

Certainly not chief ramblers, but if you have any questions

We are by no means experts, however, we have walked an awful lot of the countryside, form which we have gained a lot of experience. For the most part, we have walked hundreds of miles in and around the holiday hot spots in Devon and Cornwall being one of our favourite locations. Step by step we plan to walk all of the UK!

If you ever want to ask any questions or add your own experience please connect with us, simply leave your comments below. We plan to continually add our latest adventures, gear reviews and any of fantastic public houses we may find!



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