The Castle, the dragon & the white horse Uffington

Prehistoric Uffington White Horse

Soon as we arrived, we both looked to our left and just gasped “wow”, what a view! Not to mention one of the best placed picnic bench’s, on the edge of the car park overlooking the Chilterns and the Cotswolds. Perfect for those who are unable to walk far from the car, but want to enjoy a picnic with a view!

The moment you enter the pasture, you cannot miss the giant white horse carved into the hill. Though you cannot appreciate the complete view from this perspective, being that both your close distance and the angle you are at obscures it’s view.

We found there was Plenty of things to do near Swindon

Ridgeway signpost at Ashbury Folly

Looking for things to do near Swindon? We found out there’s a great deal of ancient heritage that can be found along the National trail ridgeway

There are at least 4 Castles or more accurately Iron Age Forts, Historic sites of interest including Long Barrow burial grounds, stunning landscape features and national reserves. There are at least 4 museums and some of the most spectacular vistas across the downs on a fine day.